auto injury chiropractic treatmentAn automobile accident can be devastating no matter how serious the injury. Today’s airbags, seatbelt laws and safer car designs are preventing many deaths on the road; however, even if you are able to escape serious injury, you and other passengers still need to seek care after a car wreck to avoid serious problems down the road.

“The sooner you seek help the better, because the potential problems a collision has on your body are not always noticed immediately,” said Dr. Robert Fedore, of the Tallahassee Wellness Center chiropractic team. “If you have had or have ever known someone who was in a car accident, you know that the very next day, the body can be stiff and painful. Some people suffer whiplash and others just feel very tense and tight all over. This is because the body’s mechanism to protect tissue from further harm is to create inflammation, guarding the muscles and other tissues from further injury. ”

The problem that occurs when a person feels this way is they don’t really want to move around because it hurts, Dr. Fedore said. “Immobilizing yourself is the worst thing that you can do following an accident,” he said. “Hopefully, you received medical evaluation at the scene of the accident and were cleared of any potentially life-threatening problems such as a head injury or a serious neck injury. If you feel stiffness the following day or you feel intense pain in one area or another, have visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or an altered mental state, make sure you seek immediate attention. ”

Most people, however, simply need to keep mobile and see a chiropractor for further treatment. Chiropractic care following an auto accident can help restore spinal alignment and reduce inflammation, which will help you avoid any long-term damage. If the injured areas are not kept mobile, scar tissue or premature degeneration of the disks may develop. Also, your visits will likely be covered by your auto insurance.

“One small step can make a world of a difference for a quick recovery from an auto accident,” said Dr. Fedore. “Make sure you do not prolong this rather stressful time by allowing your minor injuries to turn into something more problematic down the road!”